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Solarlux Glass Canopies

The demands placed on a glass canopy can vary greatly depending on the situation: protection from wind and weather is often a priority, but the desire to be able to spend more time outdoors is also a common factor in opting for a glass canopy. In addition to this, a glass canopy also provides a permanent location for storing garden furniture and plants over the winter months. Solarlux has more than 35 years of experience in producing glass extensions, glass houses and bi-folding doors.

A glass canopy from the premium manufacturer not only offers optimum weather protection – it also provides you with the assurance that you have chosen a provider to whom certified quality and compliance with the applicable regulations are of the utmost importance

Accurately fitting solutions by Solarlux

Whether you choose a glass canopy or a glass house with vertical glass elements, every system will be the perfect match for the architecture of your building as well as your needs. Solarlux’s bespoke solutions are also impressive in terms of their design: the canopies, shade features and vertical glass elements are conceived precisely to work in perfect harmony with one another, right down to the smallest detail. All Solarlux products come from a single source – thus guaranteeing full functionality for many years to come.

Glass canopies and glass houses cater to a wide range of applications – “traditional” patio roofing is just one of many possibilities. Our wide range of canopy designs – each of which is perfectly tailored to suit your individual project – is also suitable for use as an integrated roof system, a sheltered pergola, or to extend outdoor seating areas in the gastronomy industry

A wide range of canopy shapes

Whatever your stylistic tastes, Solarlux glass canopies guarantee the right shape of canopy for any situation. Glass canopy, glass house, car port or entrance canopy: our in-depth planning and consultation services will allow us – together with the client – to determine the perfect shape and size to suit their ideas and wishes.

Design, statics, drainage, shade and ventilation – these are the key factors that help us to design the perfect canopy and bring it to life.

Solarlux, Ireland, glass canopies,
Solarlux, Ireland, glass canopies,
Solarlux Ireland, bi-fold doors, cero sliding doors,


Test certificates from reputable national and international institutes guarantee the highest level of functional reliability, stability and durability for every Solarlux glass canopy and glass house. The fully tested statics offer peace of mind in extreme weather conditions, such as high wind and snow loads. In addition to complying with the glass standard DIN 18008, it goes without saying that all our systems also bear the CE marking. This European seal of approval confirms that Solarlux offers compliance with DIN EN 1090, which has been mandatory for all manufacturers of steel and aluminium supporting structures since 2014. This system is used throughout Europe to demonstrate when a factory has been certified and carries out its own production control.

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Solarlux Glass Canopies

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