Solarlux cero, glass panels, Dublin, Ireland

Solarlux cero opens rooms with extensive glass panels. Impressive transparency dissolves the line between inside and outside. As a brand of Solarlux, the leading supplier in the field of folding glass doors and glass extensions, cero benefits from over 30 years of experience in the field of customised solutions with the guarantee of precision, intelligent technical details, along with their own production, construction management and discerning design, exclusively “made in Germany”.

Solarlux cero glass panels, ireland
Solarlux cero, Ireland
Solarlux cero glass panels, ireland
Solarlux cero glass panels, ireland
Solarlux cero glass panels, ireland
Solarlux cero glass panels, ireland
Solarlux cero glass panels, ireland

Solarlux cero Features

Easy gliding

Stainless steel carriages and rails guarantee easy and low-wear sliding and the integrated stainless steel roller units ensure an even load distribution. An electric panel operation can be installed on request. cero has successfully passed a longevity performance test of 100.000 opening and closing operations.

Intelligent drainage

Draining takes place in a hidden and controlled manner at the lowest level of the frame section.The glass rebate ventilation avoids condensation in the space between the panes.

High-end thermal insulation

cero offers optimal thermal insulation. Its triple toughened glass version achieves Uw values in the region of 0,8 W/m2K, suitable for use in passive houses.

Wind and weather protection

cero is tested and certified for air permeability, wind load and driving rain impermeability, thus exceeding
the high demands for protection from wind and weather.

Integrated security technology

cero can be optimally integrated into an existing, overriding surveillance system.

Electro-mechanical locking elements are available on request, with the option of additional lock monitoring using reed contacts.

Motorised drive

The sliding elements can be fitted with a fully automated operating system including electro-mechanical locking and unlocking, which offers the user interdependent control of several panels via a control unit.


cero offers two options to provide optimum shade for the large glass surfaces: a motor-driven sun-protection system with guide rails to fit the frame, or a built-in slatted sun shade.

Insect protection

Insect protection can be integrated to the frame up to a width of 1,30 m. The maximum height is 3 m for the cero II and up to 3,5 m for the cero III.

Solarlux colours


cero offers a large range of design possibilities to suit client requirements. High quality profiles made of aluminium offer durable low maintenance solutions. The A.U.F certification confirms environmentally friendly recycling of the aluminium and sustainability.


You can order your cero profiles in any colour you want – you can even choose different colours for indoors and outdoors! Choose from an RAL or DB powder coating, an Eloxal coating in accordance with EURAS, or a variety of our specialist colours, which are available on request.


cero sliding door


Depending on which variant you choose, your cero will come with either triple or double-toughened single-pane safety glass (ESG). You can also opt for functional glazing with burglary and vandalism protection, noise insulation glazing or glazing with a lotus effect


cero comes with a high-quality, brushed V4A stainless steel handle as standard to guarantee maximum protection against corrosion.

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