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Solarlux Folding Glass Doors

The desire to create living spaces filled with daylight that provided maximum openings culminated in 1983 with the Solarlux-designed folding glass door, which, in contrast to conventional sliding doors, could be fully opened. Renowned architects, such as Daniel Libeskind, Hermann Hertzberger and Sir Norman Foster all use Solarlux folding glass doors.

Our philosophy

We want to inspire the whole world with the transparency, lightness and vitality of our products. Solarlux aims to influence architecture the world over with its fascinating glazing solutions.

About our future

At Solarlux we specialise in the development and realisation of individual glazing systems, with which we set high standards in the market. Coming up with innovative ideas and making them reality are the driving force behind what we do.

From the birth of an idea to the completion of a product: at Solarlux, maintaining the highest standards of quality at every step of the process is a priority. Our customers trust in our excellent “German-engineered” products. Our employees and production structures guarantee them. We are proud of our uncompromisingly good glazing solutions, as they give quality of life and satisfaction. This, for us, is the key motivator to achieve our best each and every day.

Your outdoor space, reimagined with Solarlux

Bi-Folding Doors


Opened over the entire front, bi-folding doors extend the living space into the open air and give the term “open living” a whole new dimension. The bespoke, flexible glazing solutions can be opened or closed in any desired width in just a few simple steps.

Whether private, public or commercial space – with the innovative glazing made of aluminium, wood and wood/aluminium, you can realise sophisticated architecture both in new construction and in building renovation.

Bi-folding doors from Solarlux set standards by merging indoor and outdoor areas. Pleasant transparency and flowing transitions from inside to outside – and vice versa – increase the quality of life and extend the living space into the open almost without limits. When the bi-folding doors are closed, they guarantee unusual living concepts with maximum protection.

Bi-folding glass doors integrate home and garden using filigree technology.


Solarlux Megaline


In explaining their decision, the jury were keen to emphasise not just the product’s high-quality design, but also the new architectural possibilities it offers designers.

“The new Megaline bi-folding door from Solarlux can be used to create moving window fronts up to 4.5 m in height. This throws open the door for some spectacular architectural concepts that create the perfect visual harmony between interiors flooded with light and the outdoor world around them. The aluminium profile system offers a high level of thermal insulation and a clear-cut design that lends it an elegant, modern, high-quality aesthetic and puts a distinctive twist on buildings in a wide range of styles.”


Sustainability safeguards the future

The way we think and act is governed by sustainability. Together with employees and customers, Solarlux is committed to looking after the future. As a global leader for large-scale openings, we will continue to deliver excellence: with a spirit of enterprise, competence, teamwork and a sense of responsibility. The latter is also evident in our strong social commitment at national and international level.

Solarlux Wintergarden - outdoor spaces re-imagined

Add a whole new dimension to your home with Solarlux 

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Room-high glazing, discreet profiles, new perspectives: discover the cero sliding window.


Our high-quality sliding window cero opens rooms with large glass elements and impresses with its size and functionality. The tailor-made sliding window cero combines technology and design in perfection. READ MORE

Horizontal Sliding Systems

Flexible solutions in all areas. Horizontal sliding walls make facades and shop entrances appear open and transparent. The individual glass elements disappear completely into a niche thanks to practical “parking stations”. No disturbing panel packages block passage. The use of modern horizontal sliding walls is therefore also worthwhile in private areas.

With horizontal sliding walls, unlike bi-folding doors, the glass elements are pushed into an inconspicuous niche, the so-called ”storage bay”. The individual glass panels disappear completely. Various parking options for the glass leaves provide an optimum solution for every area of application and, thanks to recessed floor tracks, meet all requirements for barrier-free access.


“The aluminium profile system offers a high level of thermal insulation and a clear-cut design that lends it an elegant, modern, high-quality aesthetic and puts a distinctive twist on buildings in a wide range of styles”.



Balcony Glazing

Balconies & Facades

 a new dimension of light and space and ensure sustainability: there are a number of ways that the innovative Solarlux systems for balcony and façade design add value to a property. Our aesthetic façade design offers the perfect marriage of energy optimisation and precision-fit building protection.

Add value to your property 

Solarlux’s future-oriented concepts are geared towards the demands of ecologically and economically-driven change. Whether you want to glaze or renovate an existing balcony, or enhance the value of your property by retrofitting a completely new balcony, Solarlux offers the same limitless flexibility. 



  • Maximum flexibility
  • Variety of designs with tailor-made solutions
  • Heat-insulated and non-heat-insulated systems
  • Various opening options are available
  • Largely prefabricated, therefore short installation times
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes
  • All Solarlux products are guaranteed “Made in Germany”

Solarlux Product Brochures

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