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Eco Window Concepts are Irish agents for Austrian high-end windows manufacturer Internorm. With Internorm windows & doors, heating costs are saved through precious metal coatings that are applied in a wafer-thin layer to the surface of the glass and ‘noble gases’ in the gaps between the inner and outer panes. The noble gases used are argon and krypton. They have a much lower heat conductivity than air and thus also reduce the heat loss to the outside. As much as 90% of heating costs can be saved with an integrated Passive House system, which includes Internorm energy-efficient windows and doors.

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Revolutionary Technology

At Internorm, our internal research department is continually developing new products and technologies to be able to offer you even more comfort and security. Under the melodious title of “I-tec”, a range of revolutionary, branch-leading innovations in the areas of windows and doors has been created on the market.

Internorm i-tec

 I-tec glazing features

Stability and Safety
I-tec glazing ensures maximum security and safety for your home! The glass pane is fitted into the frame precisely. The remaining gap between glass and window frame is filled with adhesive and afterwards, the glue joint is concealed beneath the cover bead. This creates all around fixing without any gaps, this optimises the, thermally insulated and soundproofed window.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between insulating glass, toughened one-pane security glazing (ESG) and laminated security glazing (VSG). ESG breaks into many small blunt splinters if too high pressure is used. Danger of injury through cuts, is therefore very low. With VSG, a tough, rip-proof foil is included between two glass panes. Splinters stay glued to the foil should glass breakages occur, the opening remains closed and the danger of injury is prevented.

Security glazing such as ESG and VSG are very important especially for everyday life with small children. This glazing protects from injuries and cuts – VSG even from a fall out of the window.

Any insulation glass and ESG glazing which is installed into Internorm products comes from our own production. This means we encourage Independent thinking, encouraging innovative and highly thermal insulating window solutions. 

I-tec glazing offers:
– excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction
– increased stability 
– maximum burglary protection

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